Saturday , 10 October 2015

5 Best Diploma Courses after Class 10

Diploma Courses

We’ve watched that more understudies nowadays are getting clarity towards what they need to do in life. Numerous years back, doing a certificate after standard 12 (after standard 10 was far and away more terrible) was thought to be unthinkable. Be that as it may now, its definitely not. Diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology, Manipal University Manipal University is ... Read More »

Metallics – The New Eyeshadow Trend


Metallics and makeup go hand-in-hand. As a new trend, you will find metallics used in a number of ways. One of the hottest trends on the market is metallic eye shadow. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, it will accentuate your metallic gel nail polish and the glow you receive from your airbrush tanning system. Available as an at-home ... Read More »

Designing for Google Glass: A Designer’s Battle

Google Glass

Web designing has come a long way from its point of origin. What initially began as a static poster like page for various industries has today taken the form of one of the most creative and competitive world. Life for designers is not restricted to web designing alone. Now, people look forward to intricate and complicated designs for various platforms. ... Read More »

Love Asian Food – Essential Guide to Asian Food Techniques

Asian Food Techniques

Asian cuisine has been one of the most favorite cuisine of the world with the wide variety of availability. Many travelers come to the continent to experience some of the best food in different countries. Among all the types of cuisines, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines represent the Asian cuisine all over the world. From street food to ... Read More »

Samsung Note 4 and Gear S launched in India

Samsung Note 4 and Samsung Gear S

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Gear S smart watch launched in India on Tuesday October 14th by Samsung which falls under the range of premium products. The Galaxy Note 4 came to India a month after its international launching in the IFA 2014 in Berlin. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in market at Rs 58,300 while ... Read More »

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Australia

Australia Travel

Australia is full of unique destinations for holidays that will definitely leave you with a lifetime touring experience. Literally, everything in Australia is a tourist attraction; both beneath the waters, on the land and on the sky above. It is thus important to have a list of the must visit tour destinations prior to visiting Australia. Amazing facts about holiday ... Read More »